Cost of Gems

Please refer to the table below for the cost of gems. All prices are per carat, inclusive of GST and in Australian Dollars only. Postage/Delivery, Insurance and Certification Costs are not included.

Type of Gemstone Price
Ruby (New Burma Natural Ruby) $39 per carat
Pearl (South Sea Pearl) $16 per carat
Red Coral $16 per carat
Emerald $119 per carat
Yellow Sapphire $192 per carat
Diamond *Please note that diamonds are hard to procure and do not follow a fixed pricing method, we recommend users to substitute diamond with white sapphire, opal or an American diamond. These alternatives are easy to procure, affordable and for astrological purposes have the same effect as using a diamond.

We can supply Diamonds up to 2 carats.  If you do not want to substitute, please send us an email and we will send you a quote.
Diamond/White Sapphire $192 per carat
Diamond/Opal $26 per carat
Diamond/American Diamond or Zirconia $19 per carat
Blue Sapphire $192 per carat
Hessonite Garnet $32 per carat
Cat’s Eye $26 per carat